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How to make a reservation by online payment on our website :

  • 1) Contact us to set together, number of participants, place and date for the chosen  activty.
  • 2)  Fill the form on the next page and pay a deposit of 30% of the activity price via the secure site of the Caisse d'Epargne Bank.
  • 3)  We contact you back when the payment is accepted by our bank to confirm your reservation.


Let's go !


Important :

If you book for a group, don’t forget to consult everyone to  choose together  the level of the activity.

Also give important information (sport gear, hour of appointment and route) to each person of the group so that everyone can spend a good day.


The D-day :

1. Plan  to pay the amount remaining of the service, in species, with the supplement because the guides do not have a currency on them;
2  Don’t forget all the gear  that  we have indicated  you  according to your activity;

3. Leave early in order  to arrive on time  at the appointment;

4. Let your jewelry and valuable item at home.


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