The team of La Maison du canyoning based in Castellane

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Created in 2008 by two independent monitors, whose François still present, La Maison du  canyoning  is formed with a team of monitors faithful to their value of respect and sharing  nature.

Practitioner all  year round these various outdoor activities , we take pleasure in sharing our passion with you and to make  discover you  this area.

To get to know, here is the team of La Maison du canyoning!


Caroline - Instructress and co-manager


Age : 43 years

Description sheet - Caroline

  • Post : instructress and  co manager
  • Diploma : State  certification for climbing  and Canyoning
  • Quality : she's a really good teacher
  • Flaw : You won't see her wearing  pareo 
  • Special sign : Always with the smile!






Nicolas - Instructor and co-manager









Age : 40 years

Description sheet - Nicolas

  • Post : Instructor and co-manager                                              
  • Diploma : State certification for  canyoning
  • Quality : Zen and smiling
  • Flaw : talkative
  • Special sign : despite a hard training, Nico is not able to whistle

















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